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About Us

RedTie's Web to Print solutions are used all over the world and we help printers, marketing agencies and in-house teams adopt the next generation of printing technology. Our systems drive print and profit for all types of commercial and consumer businesses.

We grow our business by growing your business.....

What We Do

RedTie is a software developer with a difference, grown originally from a calendar print company, we are printers first, software developers second. We also understand that software is just a tool and as such needs to be used correctly to get the most out of it. We therefore put as much effort into growing our customers online revenues, with account managers experienced in business development, training, education and support, as we do into developing our software.

That is why at RedTie we like to think of ourselves as an extension of your business. A Web to Print Solutions Partner, not a software provider.

Our Philosophy

Ease of Use:
There is no point in developing solutions that no one can use. On the other hand there is a growing demand for more sophisticated features to be added to Web to Print software. At RedTie we spend a lot of time trying to balance these often contradicory goals, advanced features but maintaining ease of use. We take a multi pronged approach to getting this balance as good as it can be. For example, our software is designed to be very easy to get up and running, be it setting up webstores or products, often requiring nothing more than a few clicks on settings buttons or selecting images. That on its own though would be a very shallow piece of software. The depth of our solutions comes into play as your experience increases or you need more advanced features. It is not hidden depth, it is just out of the way depth.

We also develop ease of use in, even before a line of code is written on a new feature we discuss how to make it easier to use, involving as many peoples' input as possible. At pre release internal testing we ask, "Is that as easy to use as it can be?" and this often leads to new ideas which the development team implment before our customer acceptance testing that gives us even more feeback to implement before a feature is put into live code.

Value for Money:
Are there cheaper solutions available? Almost definitely.
Are there solutions with more advanced features? Probably.

Our goal is to offer solutions that are the best value for money in the Web to Print software market. It is about offering incredibly feature rich software that isn't so expensive that our customers can't make money. It is also about adding value to that software using the benefits of SaaS to deliver a constant flow of upgrades to our customers who are always on the latest version. Finally it is about the value of the non software services we offer our customers with after sales support, account management, business development and training.

Features you want:
We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and developing solutions based on their needs. As we were one of the first Web to Print solutions that was designed from the first line of code to be cloud based our regular free updates to the software ensure that our clients are always market leaders and in turn can provide their customers with the very best service.

We also don't have a multi year development plan, instead we operate on a now and next type development plan, where only the current and next projects for each of our developers are scheduled in. It allows great flexibility in changing direction or incorporating a customer feature request in a short time. DOn't worry though, even through we don't plan our development in terms of years we have enough ideas to keep us going for a long long time.