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Introduction - Pre Sign Up Preparation

In the Pre Demo section part of the guide we covered a number of topics to focus the demos on what you actually need your Web to Print software to do. In this section we are going to focus on what to do when you have found your preferred software supplier but have yet to actually sign a supply agreement / bought a package.

It is the last point before you have any financial commitment to your Web to Print strategy and it makes sense to flesh out your online business plan past the first customer and site, make sure that you can get value for money from your chosen package and get the team in place to give you the best chance of success.

Getting started is one of the points where most of the companies that fail in their Web to Print strategy fail, they just never get going, whether it be through lack of direction or lack of resources. In fact you would be surprised how many fail just by not having enough time to build their first site and that is the biggest thing we are aiming to avoid, we don't want your new software to sit on the shelf (that would be a virtual shelf in the case of SaaS solution!).

Topic Overview
Business Plan Goals In this section we cover some of the common reasons you might have for taking on a Web to Print solution and how to use these to work out the benefits in regards to your solution being able to justify the cost.
Targets and Timeframes Using our experience we discuss how you should set achievable with realistic timeframes. At the end of this section you should be able to produce a budget / business plan.
How to Integrate Web to Print We look at a couple of ways that we have seen Web to Print integrated into the corporate structure and why we think one is the best way to go.
The Web to Print Dream Team The four key roles that have to be in your Web to Print Dream Team
Final Pitfall and Wrap Up The importance of getting off to a flying start and section summary.