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Web to Print Template by RedTie

RedTie Template Logo

RedTie Template (RTT) is our flagship Web to Print template software solution that combines a user-friendly webstore platform with a feature rich set of product and webstore customisation tools that offer lots of flexibility whilst maintaining RedTie's philosophy of making software as simple and as jargon free as possible.

Demo Site

A great way to see a small selection of what our software can do is to try the demo store. Of course the best way to see what our software can do is to have a demo. Please visit the Contact Us page and get in touch.

Individually Branded Webstores

Although we offer a single webstore version of our software as a lower entry point, most of our customers have opted for the standard version of RTT that includes:

  1. Unlimted Webstores
  2. Unlimted Users
  3. Unlimted Products

You get the benefit of being able to administer these all centrally in one place but offer your clients webstores in branded for them, with products that they want to see and business rules they want in place, such as credit limits or approval processes.

Easy to Use Template Builder

Custom built by RedTie our template builder lets you build products quickly and easily with features, such as drag and drop, which you would expect in more traditional software. It is all browser based, requiring no additional plugins and can be done from anywhere in the world. All you need is a modern browser and an internet connection.

As you build up your products you are also deciding what your end users can and can't do with templates using simple dropdowns and check boxes. Products can range from simple single sided print products where you ask for a few text answers to extremely complex multipage products where the end user has control of more of the design.

Edit Print 2.0

Edit Print 2.0 is the HTML5 based product editor that your customers use to customise templates. Based on how much control you decide to give your end users they can:

Move, Resize and Rotate text boxes and images.

Add new image and text channels to a product.

Add and change the order or pages in a multipage product.

Use advanced text features from selecting fonts to styling options found in typical desktop word processors.

See all their changes live so they know exactly what they are ordering.

Not Just Templates

One drawback of many Web to Print providers is that they concentrate only on the variable print products, this is not the case at RedTie. We also offer a number of other product types such as:

Stock Products:
with inventory system allowing you to take orders for pick and pack orders, non-variable products or even more traditional non print products that you would find for sale online.

Direct Mail Products:
You can build variable products where your customer uploads DM data, gets to see a preview of the product with that data embedded and once ordered you get to choose if you want the DM product delivered as a multipage print ready PDF or as a template and data for local data merging.

Promote buying more than one product at a time, or make sure your customers buy a group of products in the right ratio, for example one envelope for each letterhead. Kits are a product type that allows you to combine any mix of products built in RTT in a ratio that you decide.

End to End Solution

RTT is a complete webstore solution, that concentrates or variable print products but is flexible enough to deal with other types of online orders. Our webstores will guide your customers through every step of the ordering process including post order notifications such as order status by email and online in their order history.

You can add in one of our integrated payment providers to take payments by credit or debit cards or conduct your business in an invoice only environment.

Apart from payment providers, your chosen DTP software for producing artwork, a modern browser and an internet connection RTT provides everything else you need to do business online in a hassle free and efficient manner.