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RedTie's History


Innovation and Growth

Order Volume Taking Off

Late in 2015 we had a massive feature release giving our customers' end users access to powerful editing tools to make online print ordering even more flexible. Known internally as Edit Print 2.0 we have built a non Flash based platform to deal with all of our customers needs, now and in the future. In 2015 we processed more than 300 000 orders for our customers and that number is going to continue to grow based on the growth we have seen in the early part of 2016.


Product Lineup Expands Again

RTT Plus Logo

Early in 2014 we expanded our lineup of products to include Red Tie Template Plus (RTT+). The product was built for a growing demand from our customers to be able to capture more orders through their webstores. You can find more about RTT+ here.


10 Years of Online Orders

10 Years of Web Orders

In November 2013 we celebrated our 10th year of taking print orders online. Relative to printers we may be young and relative to the internet we are ancient, but the drive to deliver more is as strong as ever.


RedTie Certified ISO 27001

ISO 27001 Certification Logo

In 2010, with a large and growing customer base spread around the globe and demand from our largest national and multinational users, RedTie embarked on getting ISO 27001 certification. It took nearly 2 years but it was worth more than the certificate that we were given. RedTie morphed into a much more professional organisation befitting the size that it had actually become. Some would say that we grew up!


Print Software is our Business

Open Wings Butterfly

What started out as a digital printer with a small in house development team in 2003 had, almost without anyone noticing, changed by 2010 to a software company that did some printing. By the end of 2010 the print business had been sold and the transformation into global supplier of Web to Print Software Solutions was complete.


Red Tie Expands to Australia

Outline of Australia filled with Flag

In September 2008 Red Tie Australia was incorporated to become the latest subsidiary of Red Tie Group. This had the benefit of providing our customers with near round the clock support as well as extending our global reach further.


Red Tie Expands to the USA

Outline of USA filled with Flag

At this time RTQ was getting a lot of international attention and the number of printers from the USA using the software was becoming a more significant part of our business, we decided to open a local subsidiary. This allowed for local support (and longer support coverage for our European clients) and sales.


Red Tie Template (RTT) Released

Red Tie Template Logo

With a growing number of printers using RTQ for their online quotations the RTT was released for sale in January 2008. Almost unrecognisable from the original software used from 2003 it had benefited from nearly 5 years of real world use, thousands of orders and 100s of new features. You can find more information on RTT here.


Red Tie Quotation (RTQ) Released

Red Tie Quotation Logo

The next product to be added to our line up was an online instant quotation tool for digital printers. Primarily designed for another group company, CCS Digital (sold in 2010), this time it was developed to be more customisable and therefore hit the market before RTT. You can find more information on RTQ here.


Red Tie Ltd Started Trading

Red Tie Group Company Logo

Late in 2005, with growing outside interest in the software that was running the Create A Gift website and a second product almost ready to be launched, the software and developers were moved under one brand. This was completed by January 2006 as Red Tie Ltd started trading.


First Web to Print Order

Create A Gift Company Logo

After just under 12 months of development the very first version of what was to become RTT was launched in November 2003. Originally under the Create a Calendar brand the software was developed for one purpose, allowing customers to upload images and order calendars online. Create a Calendar eventually became Create A Gift, which is still going strong today, as the software evolved to be able to deal with other photo gifts.