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Printing During A Pandemic

May 27th, 2020 - Posted by Ellen Hurwitch, Director of Operations - The Americas


You know the old adage: “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade”?

For the first official month of the “shelter in place” orders, from March 12 through April 12, online buying went up almost 50%.  Sure, I know that doesn’t necessarily mean that all of the increase was in print related materials, but there certainly was an impact to our industry as well.

In fact, the pandemic is forcing more and more print companies to embrace online buying as we see so many buyers embrace touchless technology. 

Touchless technology, the new world. 

But, you say, who is going to need print? I’m a small business owner and I don’t see a lot of my customers doing many mailings anymore. Have you looked at store windows? Closed for business? Curbside Pickup? Delivery? These signs were printed somewhere!!! Why not with you? I could just hear you saying, how? How will they find me? How will I find them?

Hospitals are no different. They need signs and plenty of them! You can also offer third party items that they can personalize (such as bottles of hand sanitizers). How? That’s the big question, isn’t it?

First, have an online presence. That’s what web to print is all about. It’s not hard to set up a storefront with RedTie. All you need are some pdf’s and jpegs to start building out your site and products. A demo will show you exactly what I mean.

How will they find me? Now that you have a storefront, you can easily go about getting a list of names of businesses (we can help with that!) and send out an email blast that you are open for business and here to help them stay open for business! 

Restaurants are open for business. But how? And how do you know? Because signs are posted saying just that, along with signs saying curbside pickup and/or take out only. Someone is printing them! Shouldn’t it be you? And, as more businesses open, signs will be needed not only to announce their re-opening, but to also post the regulations by which the customers need to live by.

You can even create those signs and let those customers just upload a logo address and phone number to a template created on your storefront. Make it simple for them and simple for you!

Everyone is talking about the new normal, so it’s time to look at new opportunities that will help you maintain and sustain your business today for tomorrow. Web to print software is certainly one of the things that you can count on to take you into the new normal. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us for a demo today!