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Web to Print Services from RedTie

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You should think of the RedTie Business Services (RTS) team as an extension of your company. If Web to Print software is just a tool then we have put together all the experts you need to get the most out of it. There is no secret in the fact that the companies that lean on our expertise, especially in the early stages of their Web to Print ventures, are our biggest users of the system.

Although our software is very easy to use it is always good to know that you can offload any amount of your webstore and template builds to the RTS team. In fact it is often time that is the biggest constraint on growing your online business. A member of the RTS team will take a detailed brief from you about your customer's; requirements and then the product building specialists fast track that brief into reality.

It is not just about speed though, our team use the more advanced features of the software all the time, so both during the project specification stage and build stage you can be assured that you are getting the best out of our software.

We have an every growing number of software solutions we integrate with including, MIS systems, procurement systems, shipping companies, data providers and payment providers. We also offer an advanced integration XML builder and API with most of our software that allows for you (or your other software supplier development team) to integrate with RedTie.

Basically if the other software has the ability to be integrated with then we can integrate with it. The RTS team is here to help, we can talk with your other software suppliers on a technical level and also do the integrations required, from simple XML feeds to complex solutions that require the development of middleware.

No matter how feature rich our software is one of your clients will ask for something completely unique. The RTS team can provide fixed price quotes quickly based on your clients' needs that take them risk of custom development charged by the hour or day.

Once agreed it is passed to our in house development team who have decades of experience in delivering enterprise class software solutions.

Everyone learns in different ways and at a different pace and we therefore offer a number of training solutions on how to use our software.

Online Academy:
Split into easy to follow lessons that users can access at a time that is convenient. It is a great place to build knowledge of our software solutions but where it comes into its own is that when we release new features we have the lesson relevant to that feature ready to go straight from the launch. One of the key benefits of SaaS based Web to Print Service like RedTie is that feature releases happen often so you this method of training is vital for our current customers.

The RedTie Online Academy is open to everyone and is available at

Given by one of our own experts using web based technologies for screen sharing and audio, Webinars offer a more personal training programme without having to leave your own office. The can be tailored to cover exactly what your team needs and can be broken down into smaller sessions over several days.

We also invite customers to a Webinars after all major feature releases to demonstrate what is being released and how to use it.

In Person:
Half or full day training courses completely tailored to your needs and experience with our software from complete beginner through to the most advanced topics.

As you may imagine, after operating in the Web to Print world for so long we have gathered a vast amount of knowledge. The RTS team offers all sorts of support, not just on our software but how to grow your online revenue such as:

Sales Training:
Selling Web to Print solutions to your clients often requires a different technique than selling print, it is often talking to different people in an organisation that have not traditionally been your point of contact. On top of that your sales team may not have been involved in using your Web to Print solution. The RTS team can provide training to cover both of these with new selling techniques and features of our software that are important to your clients.

Your W2P Expert:
Taking the above a step further, we can accompany your sales team, either representing RedTie or your company, on sales pitches to answer technical questions during the meeting or help with demonstrations.

Growth Support:
We are always here to give advice on how to continue to expand your business online. We can help identify clients that are most suitable for using Web to Print software or new verticals for you to specialise in to go after new business.

As you can see from above, software is only a tiny amount of what you get from your partnership with RedTie and to tie it all together we have an account manager allocated to every customer from day 1. It allows you to build up a long term relationship with us and always have a point of call with a real person who has real knowledge both of our software and doing business online.

At RedTie we know that our success is based on your success and the only way we can achieve this is by offering great software couple with great after sales support from the RTS team.