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Web to Print Apps Space by RedTie

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About RedTie Apps

The new RedTie App Space takes RedTie Template to the next level by turning into what RedTie believes is the 100% Web to Print Solution and means there are no limits to what the system can do for you. The App Space offers real flexibility, whatever functionality you want from the system can be delivered via your own tailored applications, fully integrated into the software. The App Space represents a first for Web to Print, the no-limits, 100% solution.

Using a simple to follow SDK and our extensive growing number of web services you can develop your own applications, alternatively you can get apps from an ever growing list available on the App Marketplace.

App Space apps available on the marketplace currently fall into different categories, some are standalone products such as the new calendar apps, which are designed to offer a completely different user experience and gives excellent flexibility in configuration. Other apps are available that will enhance the standard RTT behaviour such as the app that uses our internal QR Code Generation Engine and allows you to make meCards.

There are also apps that will improve automation such as the bulk customer upload and modifcation app that will facilitate fast implementation and editing of customer databases.

The App Space offers unlimited potential. Whatever your requirements of Web to Print, they can be incorporated into the RedTie system via the App Space. Current customers can click the image at the top of this page and go to the app marketplace.

Advanced Users

RedTie Template offers the advanced user large number of ways to programmatically interact with the software including an extensive set of API and an in built XML editor for building XML schema.

This offers you the flexibility to extend the functionality of RTT in many ways, from simple integrations with other software to full blown applications working within your storefront.

You also have to opportunity to market any of your apps in our marketplace, making it available to all of our clients.