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Standing Out In The Print Crowd

July 4th, 2013 - Posted by Jamie Thomson, Managing Director



If you are a small or medium sized print provider then you may well be thinking that brand strength is something only for the larger print management groups or high street giants to be concerned with. But is that really the case?

Whenever you have an opportunity to present your firm to a potential buyer then you are looking to make an impression and stand out from the crowd. Think about how often we meet people at networking events or exhibitions and although we kind of recognise the face, we don’t quite know why and we can’t remember for the life of us who they are! There is a fair chance that this individual did not make a sufficiently strong impression on us the first time we met. For business owners or sales people pitching print services in a hugely competitive marketplace then making a lasting impression that will be remembered is important to future sales growth. It is all a part of your brand strength.

When we talk about brand then many of us will think about our company logo, our website or marketing materials, but brand goes much deeper than this and it goes right it to the heart of how we present our business. Here are five key tips in using web to print as a tool to make sure you get remembered and firmly establish your brand;

  1. I often talk about bringing more to the table than just web to print. Remember web to print is not a solution in itself. You are selling all the skills, knowledge and services that your business to has to offer from concept to delivery. I am guessing you do a whole lot more than just print! Why not brand your online service and give it a clear identity that incorporates all your services.

  2. Ask more than you tell! This means listening to your potential customer and asking questions about their business. Listening is the highest form of flattery and they are likely to remember you if you take time to understand their business rather than just talk about your own. You will need to really understand their business in order to create a winning web to print solution, so this is time well spent.

  3. Ask permission to create a branded online portal or demo site and come back at some point to present to their team. If you can show them a relevant case study or success story then they might be more inclined to invite you back to present. Showing them something new and innovative will work in your favour and re-enforce your brand whether they go ahead now or not.

  4. Leave them with a clear and simple story! A simple story is usually a winning one. Now you have listened to them and understood their business and what they want to achieve, you can better sum up your offering and match what they are looking for in a clear and simple message. Make sure the message is going to appeal to your prospect. What are they really looking for? Brand control? Return on investment? Help them increase revenues? Help them market their business more effectively? Help them get their materials out to market much quicker? Help them reduce cost? Whatever message you decide to deliver keep it simple and be enthusiastic about what you can deliver!

  5. If the client isn’t ready to buy yet, then agree how you might stay in touch. Can you send them a newsletter or future case studies? Might they be interested in an event you are running? Could you keep them up to date with any promotions or new service offering you may have? Do not leave an information void – keep the conversation going!

Remember that when you pitch your services to a prospective client they may not be ready to buy from you just yet and it may not be the right time for them to switch suppliers. There is little that you can do at this point but make sure your brand is remembered. You can be sure at some point in the future the buyer will be prepared to go back out to tender or perhaps just try another print provider for size.