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Free Resources For Web to Print Part 2 - Code Resources

August 14th, 2012 - Posted by Jamie Thomson, Managing Director


The olympics are over and we are all feeling inspired by the courage and dedication shown by athletes from all over the world. Now is a great time to either get started on or to finish off that web project that has been in the back of your mind or has been on a back burner. Maybe you just want to push your web presence on to the next level but where do you start when looking for the most up to date techniques and resources available for the web.

There is an ever increasing variety of resources available on the web for showcasing and assisting with the implementation of the languages used in modern web development such as html5, css3, javascript, jquery and php. In this article I will highlight some of my favourites and hopefully help anyone who is looking for web development resources in order to develop Web to Print services.

The site setup by web craftsman and guru Chris Coyier for sharing knowledge about web development and with the aim of helping people to make websites better. The site contains a wide variety of code snippets that can be downloaded and used for free and is also a great learning and reference resource. The site is well laid out and easy to navigate so it is a pleasure to use.

csstricks Screenshot

An excellent coding resource for all the latest techniques but without the whistles and bells of css-tricks. The site contains some excellent online tools for things such as image optimisation, email encryption and creating css for visual effects.

dynamicdrive Screenshot

This site showcases modern web development techniques and offers tutorials and downloads.

codrops Screenshot

A great showcase of what can be done with jquery. There are some gorgeous demos to be found here and you can download and use all the code.

pupunzi Screenshot

An easy to use site with a range of useful code snippets and articles covering the latest developments and resources.

catswhocode Screenshot

This is a large directory of tools and solutions, if you have a project and you need some inspiration or simply need to get something built quickly you will most likely find a range of suitable options here.

codevisually Screenshot

Belongs to Smashing Media who also own Smashing Magazine, which is one of the leading information resources for web developers. In Noupe you will find not only find programming resources, there are tutorials for Photoshop and Illustrator along with galleries to give you inspiration.

noupe Screenshot

A diverse web resources site updated daily with all kinds of web development and design goodies.

webresourcesdepot Screenshot

Part of, webmonkey is another excellent site with a diverse range of articles and web development tutorials.

webmonkey Screenshot

Articles and galleries for everything related to web development, new freebies are added every week.

designshack Screenshot

Daily news articles and bookmarks for all things related to web development, my favourite favourite.

html5bookmarks Screenshot

Contains nearly 50,000 snippets of code covering every language you can think of.

snipplr Screenshot

Articles, blogs, tips and discussions on numerous programming languages. The site is geared towards experienced programmers really but hey everyone has to start somewhere!

codeproject Screenshot

A content delivery network for a wide range of javascript libraries.

cdnjs Screenshot

That’s it for my list of free web code resources, do you know of some more? Let us know in the comments!