Screen Burn

November 16th, 2017 - Posted by Ben Thomson, Director of Operations


Don’t touch that… you’ll burn your fingers!

It’s an odd thing being a geek, unfortunately I class myself in this category (as does my wife!). We are constantly craving the next technology, or the next big thing™. You should see what happens when my mobile phone contract comes to an end, I begin feverously researching the latest models and specifications. Surely I can beat my old phone in some way? Screen, battery life… POWER!!

The most recent upgrade came at current contract end. I am definitely a Windows man vs. a Mac one, which puts a certain fruit labelled phone out of the picture. Where does that leave me? Google Android? CHECK. OLED Screen? CHECK. Thin, bezel less design? CHECK. Only one phone for me, the Sam… ah, best not name names. Let’s just say it’s the market leader in Android phones.

It’s a thing of beauty, real classy looking and so full of features I wouldn’t want to begin to list them here. Imagine my excitement on opening said phone and witnessing that glorious QHD OLED screen. Am sold….

…. Or am I? Fast forward a couple of months and something odd is happening to the screen. It began as a little bit of ghosting which increased to full on symbols always present on the screen. The issue? I am a victim of screen burn. So let me get this right, I have the latest and greatest screen ever seen on a phone, but I can’t use it with certain apps for more than an hour at a time? Have you ever tried driving the M1 and then M6 (in the UK for international readers) around rush hour? Even my car sat nav isn’t as good as Google Maps… let’s just say I use it for a lot more than 1 hour!

That’s the issue with some modern technology and software is no exception. Web to print software should offer the best features but should work for you and your business with no limitations! It’s no good having a product that looks amazing with little substance beneath the surface. If it’s then also limited by a certain way of doing things, how can that benefit you?

You need a web to print partner that backs up what you see on the skin with a featureset that runs deeper and matches your requirements. Red Tie’s offerings do just that – we don’t limit our features to work a certain way, in fact, in most cases we offer multiple features that can achieve the same thing in a number of different ways as we know it should never be a “one size fits all” scenario. In speaking to our customers, I am constantly amazed by how some use features in ways even we hadn’t envisaged… how about that for no limitations!

Importantly, when these usual limitations would apply to software, Red Tie took a different approach to offer concepts such as customisable and injectable code, integrations and partnerships to cover any gaps that are usually inevitable within Web to print software. The result being I am confident it will go all of the way to hitting your requirements.

So when looking for a Web to print partner, don’t fall into the trap of only looking skin deep as I did with my new phone. With such a variety of features and multiple ways of doing things, Red Tie offers some of the most complete Web to print software on the market with few limitations (other than your imagination!).

Do yourself a favour… don’t get (screen) burnt!