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New Web to Print Gateway for RedTie at DRUPA 2012

April 24th, 2012 - Posted by Jamie Thomson, Managing Director


The stand has been collected for shipping to Germany this morning so DRUPA must be just a few days away.  We are one of the lucky exhibitors that can actually put up a stand in one day, that's one of the benefits of being a SAAS Web to Print solution, a laptop and internet connection is all we need (of course we plan a bit more than that).

In fact most of our hard work goes into the run up to a show; we are busy finishing off new features, testing and getting them into live code and DRUPA is no different. As I am writing this the new RedTie Gateway is being rolled out to all of our customers and it is brilliant, even if I do say so myself!
In 2011 we started to notice one thing that many Web to Print software solutions had in common, no matter how feature rich they were. The user experience, often referred to as UX on the web, for both the printers using the software to create storefronts and the end user actually buying print, had been neglected. The basic theory of UX is that if people enjoy using a piece of software or a website they will return and use it more and more, therefore concentrating on UX in a very competitive marketplace has to be a good thing. 
RedTie was a guilty as anyone, we concentrated on more and more advanced features but often left the user interaction with those features to very late in the development phase. In 2011 our development philosophy changed, UX was discussed at every stage of development projects and the first of these features have now been released.
RedTie Gateway is the new landing page for all of our customers, in brings all of our powerful tools into one place for the first time and gives our customers much more control over their own instance of our Web to Print solution. In the Gateway, setting access permissions to various parts of the software becomes a simple task. Users are now able to set up temporary logins which are of great use if a third party needs access. A further benefit is that everyone who uses the software now accesses it in the same place, which opens up a new and efficient communications channel. Customers can learn of new features, RedTie training events, new lessons and discover all sorts of other information in the same place that they come to actually use the software.  
RedTie Gateway is not the only new part of the software to benefit from our emphasis on UX. Over the last 12 months we have completely re-written our product and storefront creator module. Of course over time we have included new features and feature tweaks but the majority of the work was to bring the code completely up to date using the latest standards in order to give us a sound platform on which to build all of the new features we have planned for the future. RedTie Web to Print is cleaner, faster and easier to use than ever before. It also includes a technique called “responsive design”, another UX favoured technique, basically the screen layout changes based on screen size. Now this might not be incredibly important for back end tools but guess what is next in our development plan, the front end, so we are already implementing features that will allow us to offer the most amazing user experience to the end users. This is good for our customers’ online business which in turn is good for RedTie. 
So far I haven’t even got around to talking about the new apps we will have on show, including the often requested (and free!) app that integrates the front end of our template tool (RTT) with the front end of our quotation tool (RTQ). Maybe DRUPA isn’t long enough to get all our new stuff in? 
Anyway come and see us at DRUPA from May 3rd – 16th, we are in Hall 7a, stand D23 and also have a 2nd booth the HP Partner Area on the HP stand.