RedTie Breaks New Ground with another First for Web to Print

September 22nd, 2011 - Posted by Phill Rodgers, Technical Manager


RedTie, a premier Web to Print software provider for online sales, announced today another first for the W2P sector with the release of a new 'App Space'. This new feature from their flagship RedTie Template (RTT) software package was announced during a 4 day event for press, partners and customers at their new offices in the UK.

Phillip Rodgers, Technical Manager of RedTie, started his presentation explaining his 80:20 theory for W2P packages: the very best W2P software rarely meets more than 80% of a printers needs and to complicate matters further the 80% it does meet will not be the same as the 80% another printer requires.

He goes on to say,

“It is very difficult for RedTie to anticipate the variety of features our customers and prospects need, we knew we had to provide the missing 20% and I believe we can achieve that with something no one else has done. This new 'App Space' feature means we can break the 80:20 rule and stake the claim that we are the world’s first 100% solution.”

Named 'App Space' because it is simply a gap in the RTT where a product should be, it changes the game for Web to Print by allowing products to be and do almost anything. Apps can influence the RTT with simple tweaks to change the way existing products are presented, or exist as entire products that perform tasks and allow a completely unique experience for the customer. RedTie hopes to provide a raft of Apps themselves but will be working with partners to extend the library and also encourage RTT users to create their own using the simple SDK.

Tom Mackel of Engage Marketing Inc in Chatsworth, California says,

“The RedTie App will completely change the way Web to Print is sold. The simplicity and unmatched versatility of the 'App Space' will drive an easier and better sale. I can already think of 100 easy Web to Print App deployments. The RedTie 'App Space' will re-open dozens of previously abandoned projects that never panned out on other Web to Print platforms. I'm very excited about RedTie's 'App Space' and I intend to expand my production capabilities as a result. Finally someone provides a no-nonsense solution I can get my head around.”

Jamie Thomson, RedTie’s Managing Director, says,

“This is another first for RedTie, we were one of the first Web to Print solutions to be solely SaaS (Software as a Service) which we think has been validated by so many of our competitors having to play catch up and offer the same model. This new 'App Space' means we are offering something unique and we are very interested to see what our customers do with the new functionality.”

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